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An internet business strategy with the right mix of creativity and functionality can boost your business. While creativity can attract viewers to take interest in your message, functionality can simplify the process of message consumption, quicker interaction and internet transactions.
We understand that your brand is the reflection of your business image and values and therefore everything we create is tailored for you, whether it's a website a logo or a whole new you.

Benefit your business with...

Inov8 is an “A to Z” website designing in mumbai always keeping its services up-to-date with the latest trends on the market, providing its customers with high-end-class and easily extensible internet products. Solutions we offer range from creating custom website designs in mumbai to developing business applications of any complexity

1. Web Development

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is an important aspect of Web User experience design. We organize and label your content according to IA guidelines, creating a distinctive, cohesive site.

Content Management System

We make your life easy by designing your website with Content Management System like JOOMLA that allows you to maintain your site by easily modifying your page content, add pictures or files.


We can provide you with beautiful, easy to use websites where you can sell your projects, track your clients and monitor your revenues.

Payment Gateway Integration

We also provide gateway integeration to ensure your online money transactions, with PAYPAL, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.

Website Analytics

Inov8 integrates a comprehensive analytics software into your site, that allows you to track your visitors, where they come from, what content they like most, or for you to easily follow up on your AdWords Campaigns.

Search Engine Friendly

From ground up, Inov8 is building your website so it's search engine friendly. By integrating keywords, description and title fields, customizing content and creating a clear structure your site will be properly indexed and ranked by search engines.

2. Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We can accommodate on our hosting platform any website or web application, no matter how complex. We have a long lasting partnership with our hosting partners that will get you the best service available.
All our Hosting Packages include:
-Domain Registration
-Upto 50 email id's (7GB space each, powered by GOOGLE)
-99% Uptime Guarantee
-Unlimited Data Transfer
-Separate Web and Email Space
-Dual Xeon ‘Dell Servers
-24*7 Telephonic Support
-24*7 CRM Support

We also provide Domain-Reseller packages.

3. Website Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Service

If you need maintenance for your website or web application, we're the right choice for you. Our web hosting plans include affordable maintenace packages for your websites or web applications.

Website Migration

If you are not satisfied with your current hosting service or server up-time, Inov8 is right choice for you. Host your website with us and get benified by all our hosting features.
We also provide Domain-Reseller packages.

4. Software Application Development

We at inov8 help you in managing your business by automating your systems with our cost effective software solutions. Hence, enhancing your business growth. Develop your database systems to manage your clients , inventory and other systems.
We work on all latest software technologies like Java, DotNet, VB, VB.NET etc.

5. Other Services

Enterprise Email

Run your business, not your email server
We provide enterprise email solutions, e.g. which is spam free, virus free with interface similar to GMAIL, as mail server is powered by GOOGLE. Each email account consists of 7GB space, which can be easily syncronised with OUTLOOK, BLACKBERRY etc.

SMS Gateway Integeration

We provide SMS integeration directly on your website, helping you to promote your business through Bulk SMS feature.

Business Development

Here, We help you to develop your business by making your business strategies, promoting you, your products, helping you to expand your business by different online campaingns, thus helping you in seting up your Business as a BRAND.
Soon our concerned Portal "" will be launched for establishing this module.

The Process

Simply put, out work process can be described in four steps: requirement gathering, analysis, implementation and deployment.

1. Requirement Gathering

This is the first step of our process. Think of it as the beginning of our relationship, the point where we start listening to you. During this process we will learn more about your company, your product, your services. We'll provide you with an appropriate questionnaire that you can complete on your own so that we can deliver you a preliminary estimate and see if we're a good fit for you.

At this point we'll most probably want to meet you in person and answer any other questions you might have. If we decide to go on we'll sign a contract and fit you into our schedule.

This is the moment when we will require you to provide us with your content. If we're designing a website we'll also need a basic structure and wireframes for each of your pages. We will provide you with assistance if needed, but keep in mind that we cannot generate or copy-write content for you.

2. Analysis

This step starts with us joining our superpowers and generating a bright idea based on what we've learned during the first step (Requirement Gathgering). Analysis involves identifying the underlying messages, functions and characteristics that bridge the gap between your brand and its audience.

Please keep in mind this process may take some time. Once we've made up our mind we'll design some mock-ups and ask you for feedback. We will repeat this process to refine the final product till you're satisfied (within the number of iteration specified in our contract).

We recommend that you choose the smallest possible team to make decisions on our work and avoid decisions, as this might compromise the whole process.

Approval is the last part of this step and we advise you to carefully review the concept as once this step is done and approved, major changes are not possible until the whole process has been completed.

3. Implementation

Implementation is the step where we provide you with an almost finished product, whether it's a identity manual, a template or a complete site. We take great pride in our work and we carefully craft all our products to perfection. We apply a rigorous approach to development to ensure that the completed implementation matches the finalized design.

Rest assured, we follow W3C regulations and guidelines for properly crafting and documenting your project's code. This way, no matter who is editing it later, he or she will have a clear understanding of every line of code.

Testing and retouches are the last part of this process. Any problems that may pop up are ironed out during this phase.

4. Deployment

This is the step where we deliver our final product, and conduct the handover of all knowledge and documents related to your product. However our work doesn't end here. If you choose one our post-deployment services we can help you maintain or add new features to your product.

If you're satisfied with our work, you may want to consider us for your next big thing or recommend us to your partners.

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